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ps3 emulator

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Circuit Cars

All the adrenaline of motor sport, the powerful roar of the engines and the great expectations about the annual champions, will live this afternoon from 13:40 hours in Autodromo Gómez Palacio, where they will stage the eleventh and last date of the serial of motor racing's circuit CARS Mexico 2015, which has prepared a day full of emotions for the amateur Harriers.

The year 2015 has meant a rise in the motor racing circuit in La Laguna, as the interest of the riders in the region grew greatly in comparison to the call that it had in previous years.

The Organizing Committee of the Mexico CARS, led by Enrique Villa, announced that the first elimination heat will start punctually at 13:40 hours, with the intention of giving more seriously to the end date, and satisfy fans who come early to the steps of the Autodrome Gomez Palacio, in the town of dynamite, Durango. Today will be known to the 2015 season champions, by what are expected to be spectacular duels on track by pilots seeking the points needed to get on the podium of winners, where only the GT2 category has already champion, in the person of Carlos Barretero, but the rest of the divisions remain in abeyance.

Circuit cars

Noah Grimaldo is the current leader of the GT Stock category, while that Ray Hernández son commands in the VW Sport and Nago Aguilera March to head in the Super tourism, but none of them has secured Championship, because scores are too closed and by the last date could change the standings table. In terms of the Championship motorcycle AGP, where motorcycles reach speeds exceeding 240 km / h, Jorge Atilano has 125 points and leads the Superbike expert category, David Salazar is the number 1 in the intermediate SBK and duranguense Eduardo Martin moved to the head of the large category of SBK Rookie, who has had great acceptance for this calendar.

The Harrier pilot David Lopez says ready and with intention to take home the victory on Sunday and thus achieve to be within the top 3 CARS Championship, after a season with ups and downs but managing to position itself in third place in the general table of the GT Stock category. A particular competition is holding Ray Hernández father and Ray Hernández son, who claim will be a great battle in the VW Sport category with their two cars on the track. Says Hernández father have made practice to hone your self and thus achieve complete competition fighting the points corresponding to the final date, with what the competition would be for more interesting. While both are in the top 3, now looking to see who gets the Championship, since the fight is not only between coequiperos, but also puts face to father and son.
The experienced Jorge Atilano, Harrier pilot who March as leader of the SuperBike expert category, is ready to contend with rivals more close in the points table: Roberto Braham and Marcos Rodriguez. The second does not lower the guard and says he will give everything to catch up with the pointer, also says be happy with the response of the rookies already which is a hotbed for the next seasons.

Telephony Manufacturer

This system is based on Android, but allows you to choose the user install Google applications.

Telefónica today announced an agreement with the Spanish telephony manufacturer BQ to commercialize the first European model of mobile phone with OS Cyanogen, based on Android but offering greater flexibility to the user.

In the presentation of this collaboration between the two companies, Telefónica announced that terminals with this software are starting to market today in Spain and before end of year arrive in Germany and United Kingdom.

The multinational has ensured also that these devices will land in other countries where it operates during the coming year.

The first of the terminals with this OS will be the 'Aquaris X 5', which will be available through the commercial network of Movistar in Spain from November 11 for 209 euros (VAT included). In addition, Movistar customers can finance it to 24 months without interest by 8.7 Euro fee.

The system Cyanogen, developed by the Californian company of the same name and used by more than 50 million people worldwide, is based on the open-source Android and allows further customization of the terminal, offering the user to choose the programs of Google that wants to install home.

The overall director of the terminal unit of Telefónica, Francisco Montalvo, has ensured that the company choose Cyanogen because he wants that consumers "know what they are doing" with your operating system.

"Few are aware of the amount of information that the"smartphone"(smart phone) obtained from us. We want to make consumers aware of what applications are doing with their data,"he added.

The head of Telefonica wanted to remember that this system "is a product 100% Android", a variation approved by Google, so consumers will have a "fully Android" experience.

Montalvo also said that Cyanogen helps to optimize the performance of mobile devices, resulting in a greater autonomy and performance.

Moreover, the founding partner of BQ, Rodrigo de el Prado, has stressed "customization capability" of this system, as well as the greater autonomy that produces, "workhorse" of your company.

It was a total success and partly a party, to the extent that the lustrous national telephone company of Spain, founded four years earlier and that he had put order in the maremagnum of telephony in Spain, invited newspapers to Malaga to visit the new building the following day, Saturday, from 4-6 pm and Sunday from 11 to 1.

It was the brand-new automatic central alongside the Cathedral, in the calle Molina Lario, a beautiful building designed by Fernando Guerrero Strachan, with a lavish auction a miserable reform made disappear decades more late (instead, the building embedded it itself one plant more that lost much of its identity and beauty).

The inauguration, on June 29, 1928, marked the arrival of modern telephony in Malaga. Own automatic station, which replaced the old telephone exchange of the boiler Street, meant that to call within Malaga there to ask the operator line: had 2,800 urban lines automated, while six operators were responsible for the interurban.

For this reason, commercial Union reported the next day that, from now on, Malaga users would listen on their phones a few intermittent "hum" that they would indicate that the phone was dialing, calling a Subscriber or that the line was busy. «Thereafter, whenever a Malaga need to make use of the telephone will have to become the wheel of Fortune player aware of the disk, waiting for that lucky (...)» the desired interlocutor throws you», he says.

Mobile Phone

Step, newspaper famous advantage to pay tribute to those operators who have both helped to close businesses, facilitate operations of bag, or journalists, provide last minute information. A reflection of this, by the way, which reflects that the phone was still an instrument of the wealthy classes.

The same year of the Foundation of the national telephone company in Spain, in 1924, the new State-owned monopoly took over the granting of several capitals, including Malaga, as historians Elias of Matthew and Víctor Manuel Heredia in his monumental work technological Malaga.

Until then the business was in many private hands. Highlight the two historians the first applications of lines that are known in our city dating back to the year of the birth of Picasso, 1881 and it's merchants and industrialists seeking communication between its headquarters and factories and warehouses.